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Hillside First School

Classes and the school day

Our school day starts with the main school gates being opened at 8.30am by school staff. Classroom doors are opened at 8.30am by the class teacher.  All children are expected to arrive in class by 8.40am when the school day begins.  At this point the classroom doors will close, the registers will be taken, and the main school gates will be locked.  If you arrive after this time, please report to the school office to sign your child in.

At the end of the day the main gates will be unlocked at 2.55pm.  Teaching staff will open classroom doors and dismiss children at 3.00pm. 

Our school is open for a total of 32.5 hours per week.

At Hillside First School we have 8 classes.  There are 2 classes in early years.  In key stage one we have 1 year 1 class and 2 year 2 classes.  In key stage 2 we have 3 classes of mixed years 3 and 4.

Reception: Little Owls

Year 1/2: Tawny Owls

Year 3/4: Snowy Owls

Each class has its own page - click on the links to the right to view these pages.