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Hillside First School

Year 1/2 - Tawny Owls


Tawny Owls 1 (Year 1) are taught by: Miss Zachariades
Tawny Owls 2 (Year 2) are taught by: Mrs Pain
Tawny Owls 3 (Year 2) are taught by: Mrs Child

Teaching assistants are Mrs Harman, Mrs Monger and Mrs Morrell



Tawny Owls Doors Open




Maths Learning (& PE)

10.00am – 10.30am

Break time including snack

10:30am - 12.00pm

English Learning – Phonics, Writing, Reading. (& PE)

12.00pm – 1.00pm


1.00pm – 1.50pm

Creative Topic Learning

1.50pm – 2.00pm


2:00pm - 3.00pm

Creative Topic Learning, Story time


School day ends for Barn Owls


Year 1 - Autumn

Marvellous Me

Amazing Animals

Year 2 - Autumn

Paddington Bear and the Great Fire of London


The Christmasaurus

Year 1 - Spring

Back in time: Houses and Homes

Back in time: Toys and Games

Year 2 - Spring

Once upon a time and puppet shows

Food around the World

Year 1 - Summer

Where in the Universe are we?

In my Garden

Year 2 - Summer

Where the wild things are

Adventure Island


In Year 1 We take everyone’s individual learning forward from the end of Little Owls and provide intervention groups for phonics, reading, handwriting, maths and ELSA as required.

Our main focus for the year is phonics, leading up to the Statutory Phonic Screening Check in June. We review the Early Years sounds in phase 2 & 3 and move onto phase 4, 5 & 6 blends and digraphs, encouraging the children to segment and blend using their robot arms in order to read real and “alien” words.

Year 1 children begin to join their letters in words using cursive script letter formation and begin to write short narratives using full sentences which are punctuated correctly.  They begin to use question marks and extend sentences using “and” and also use simple, descriptive language.

In year 1 we begin the Maths No Problem Scheme which includes lots of practical maths activities alongside creating graphic representations and completing written activities in their maths workbooks.

We continue to encourage the children to be independent, confident learners who are respectful and supportive of each other using the new HeartSmart scheme and RRS principles.

In Year 2 we focus on embedding word reading to ensure fluency and improve the speed of reading. We also focus on reading comprehension and developing children’s ability to make inferences and further understanding of the text. We ask that parents continue to read regularly with the children and ask lots of questions about what they have read as well as just hearing the child read.

In maths, we work with numbers up to 100. We ensure the children’s understanding of place value is secure to form a foundation from which to build their learning. We begin to introduce times tables and by the end of the year the children would be expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

During the month of May we take part in the national SATS tests. We try to ensure the children feel as relaxed as possible when they take part. They will be used to seeing the type of questions used in the test as we spend time looking at past papers and give the children plenty of practise. We ask that parents refrain from taking any holidays in term time during the month of May.